Your Natural Path

Life doesn’t come with a manual, and the only direction we’re given is meant to be right for everyone.

But what if those directions aren’t right for you?  Which way do you go?  What happens if you are stuck?

Your Natural Path isn’t always easy to see, and sometimes you need a bit of support while you

Reclaim, Rebuild, Reconnect, Rewild!

Here’s what to look forward to:

A 5-week program to jolt you out of autopilot and start to create a life of intention.
We’ll start by unpacking your #lifepack, drawing inspiration from your life story to bring you home to yourself, visualize the life you want to live, and walk with you as you step into the highest version of yourself.

Every module of the program includes a set of worksheets that include an interactive activity rooted in self-reflection, bonus resources (music playlists, book recommendations), journal prompts, as well as space to reflect on your nature walks each week.

Part 1 – Exploration
Take a trip back over the trails of your life’s forest and reclaim your stories

Part 2 – Intention
Get curious, get clarity, get going on those dreams

Part 3 – Integration
Balance out your internal and external eco-system

Nature Walks as a Connection Practice

Each week you will receive a prompt for your mind, body, and journal!  By spending intentional time outdoors each week, you will begin to pause your busy mind and tune into your heart.  There are no distance requirements, only an invitation to leave your technology at home while you re-connect to yourself.

This program is a group coaching program facilitated by coaches Jessica Spooner & Julia Bubrin.


Apr 05 2021


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm



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