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Shine is a program inspired by Shine Theory. I believe that there are role/possibility models all around us, working towards a better world and guided by their passions…we just don’t always see them. I want to shine a light on these folks and hopefully, will inspire others to follow their own dreams!
Each week you will hear interviews with incredible people who are living incredible lives.

Each episode will explore their motivations, their challenges, inspirations, and more. As a bonus, each guest has provided a playlist sharing some of the music that has shaped their life. I like to think of this as their life’s soundtrack!

You can listen to the show live on Tuesday afternoons at 5:00 pm NST/3:30 pm EST on CHMR Radio out of Memorial University in St. John’s, NL 93.5 FM, on the CHMR website, or using this radio player!

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