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Nature Connection for Wellbeing

This workshop will teach you how to build a deeper connection to nature in any season.

Why Nature Connection now?

  • We spend an average of 90% of our time indoors and,
  • Approximately 8 hours of each day is spent on a digital device and,
  • Approximately 2/3 of Canadians are Vitamin D deficient and 23% have reported a high degree of life stress (pre-Covid-19) however

Nature connection has been proven to improve your sense of well-being and happiness!

In this 1-hour workshop you will learn:

  • Why you feel better when you spend time outside (the science)
  • What it means to be ‘connected to nature’ (the spirit)
  • How to develop a relationship with the outdoors and how to support this relationship in every season (the logistics)
  • Nature-based activities to support your mental health and wellbeing

Who is this workshop ideal for?

This workshop is designed for EVERYONE who feels a desire to spend more time outdoors. It is ideally suited for those who work indoors and online, especially those who work in teams.

Workshops are offered virtually or in-person using our contact form

As an act of reconciliation to the Indigenous people of this land, 2% of every purchase will be donated to Reconciliation Canada. (


Oct 28 2021


Eastern Standard Time
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm



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